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31 December 2020 @ 08:28 pm
This journal is friends only!

What to find in my LJ...

•Occasional camwhoring ?
•Pathetic rants
•Stupid quiz results

Entries written in:

English - 99%
French - 0.5%
Pigeon - 0.5%

Despite this journal being incredibly dull, it is nevertheless friends only. I'm not overly fussy on who reads my journal, but I do ask that we have similar interests, for your sake if not mine. I also ask that you comment me once in a while, otherwise, what's the point in adding me? I'm not saying read/comment my every entry, but just letting me know you're around is nice, yeah? :/

Only add me if-
•You're not gonna l337 my a55. I don't need ppl who hate me on my list.
•You will actually read//comment. I don't expect you to always do this, but why should i add you if you can't be bothered to speak to me?
•We share interests.
•Give me a reason why you want to be added, and where you found me.

Thanks! Jemi.
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13 May 2007 @ 02:18 pm

13th May 2007 - 25th May 2007

Too much coursework.
Sry guys.
I've just made an entry though, so check that out.

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So, I had  donnenalost  come over and help me take some photos.

But that's probably really boring for you.

And I don't want to show my digital pictures because the quality is shameful.
Depending on how the SLR shots turn out, I'll maybe scan those in next week.
If I can be bothered.
Or something.

Instead, I've finally got round to updating my top 12 men.

Theres some new entries, some swap arounds... some wtfing going on, perhaps. But nonethless, comment & enjoy.

Ugh, school in the 'morrow. I'm going to bed~
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